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Empower each fly anglers with the most comfortable waders.

iWader & Fly Fishing

We often think about what is the best waders. In the past few decades, in order to find this answer, we have made many attempts and improvements but still can not get what we want. Though the fabric used in the past is wearable and waterproof, it has no elasticity, so that the waders are nor durable must be replaced.

In order to make a kind of high elasticity but breathable fabrics, we researched and developed fabrics in the past few years. In 2015, we initiated the world's first wader that uses a fabric that combines with all features we need: high-elastic, breathable, durable and 100% waterproof. This is the world's first GT-STRETCH iWader. 
To make a wader that each fly anglers could dress on in many years, we did it and made it. Now, to conquer your new tour with the all-new iWaders, let's see what happen.