Catching Pink Salmon Made Simple - Even Beginners Can Do It!

Catching Pink Salmon Made Simple - Even Beginners Can Do It!
Imagine you’re out on a nice summer day and you’ve setup to start fishing but, the salmon just aren’t biting! Read this before you begin fishing and you can turn a day of nothing into this 🎣.
1.Picking Your Location: Trying to catch salmon from a lake or river that doesn’t have any will have a big impact on your success, so a little homework is worth it. Consider joining a Facebook group that shares locations with its members, join a local fishing club, or talk to the staff at your local fishing store, but there are many more ways to research.
2.Having The Right Fishing Gear: So we’ve found our location now, let’s work on getting the right gear. I’m going to break this down into sections to be simple for you and I’ll include links on where you can buy the products
a.Hats: Personally I love the Rapiddominance Boonies hat, not only is it comfortable it helps prevent the sun from damaging your skin. Made of 45% polyester and 55% cotton, the side vents to help reduce sweating. Available here:
b.Fishing Rod: I’m a simple guy, so I would choose Salmon Spinning Rods. My reason, if you’re not an experienced fisherman then they’re perfect for easy casting (please ensure you have an appropriate reel) and you can still take on those huge salmon. You can purchase one of these beauties here
c.Bait casting Reel: My recommendation is the PENN GT 320 Reel, it can handle 8-12kg Salmon, it’s durable and lightweight.
d.Lures: Hands down the best choice for this is the Silver Spoons for Salmon. Get yourself a set of them here:
e.Fishing Wader: I’ve used so many waders, but for price, budget and product lifetime I’d go with Adanin’s ADW-B10A Fishing Wader. If you’re on a budget a waterproof neoprene wader for under AUD$70 you can’t complain. You can buy this Fishing Wader here:
3.Cook Your Catch: Sit back and enjoy your newly caught fish.
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