"Olympics in the Fishing World" Returns to Australia After 20 years! -Enjoy the Fly Fishing with the Champions

"Olympics in the Fishing World" Returns to Australia After 20 years! -Enjoy the Fly Fishing with the Champions


Australia is vast and sparsely populated. The coastline stretches for nearly 60,000 kilometers. The vast and clean ocean breeds nearly 4,000 species of marine life. It has considerable fishing potential and can be called a paradise for fishing enthusiasts.

Large scale and diverse species are the core characteristics of the Australian fishing industry.


Murray cod with a mouth as big as a bucket, record-breaking rare trevally, succulent snapper, mouth-watering cod... these are just entry-level fish for fishing enthusiasts.


In some tropical fishing resorts, on average, each angler can catch more than 50 kinds of fish in less than a week, which is really rare. Fishing is divided into sea fishing, rock fishing, lure fishing, fly fishing and other fishing methods, among which fly fishing is the most interesting one.


What is fly fishing?


Fly fishing, commonly known as water golf, is a fishing sport with both great skills and artistic beauty.

The fly fishing contest uses artificial bait, which is usually some well-made fake flying insects of different sizes, such as dragonflies and flies. When fishing, anglers stand in shallow water of different depths, keep shaking the fishing rod above their heads, use themselves as the axis to make the fishing line rotate in a circle, thereby imitating the movement of flies and attracting fish in the water. The swinging fishing line will make the fish in the river think that it is an insect flying above the water and then leap to bite the hook.


Therefore, fly fishing is the fishing method with the largest amount of exercise and the most beautiful posture among all fishing methods. It is very difficult because anglers need to hold the fishing line initially and then throw it out vigorously, and the fishing line is much longer than the average. At the same time, it is also the only fishing method that must be isolated from others. 

Fly fishing is considered an activity for "Europeans" and "gentlemen". The cost of this sport is very high because a complete set of outfits is very expensive. Meanwhile, it takes a large amount of time and great skills.


Australia, an excellent country for flying fishing!

In order to promote recreational fisheries, the Victorian government has invested 27 million Australian dollars to launch "Target 1 Million Plan", aiming at increasing the number recreational anglers. By 2022, Victoria will increase the stock of fish to 10 million per year, allow boats with electric motors to enter most freshwater reservoirs, and allow people to camp and fish on government-owned land riverbanks, making Victoria a second to none fishing resort.


More importantly, in Australia, fishing is not a boring thing! A comfortable environment, breathtaking scenery, rare wild animals, and friendly locals are all indispensable parts of a good fishing experience.


Tasmania in southern Australia has a large number of world heritage-level untouched forests, wastelands and alpine landscapes. Some of the oldest trees on the planet have also survived in Tasmania.


Meanwhile, wild trout, including rainbow trout and brown trout, thrive in such a diverse land. On May 4, 1864, Australia imported 2,700 brown trout from the United Kingdom for the first time, which hatched in a river near Hobart, Tasmania. And rainbow trout from North America was introduced in 1894. The central highlands of Tasmania, which now has more than 3,000 lakes, are already one of the best places for trout fishing in Australia. This year, Tasmania, the most suitable place for fly fishing, was selected as the tournament venue for the third time by the World Fly Fishing Organization.


November 30, 2019-December 8, 2019

Olympics in the Fishing World

The 39th FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship comes to Tasmania!

The FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship started on April 23, 1989 and is part of the CIPS International Fly Fishing Federation, which was established in Rome in 1952. The event is dedicated to promoting the development of fly fishing all over the world, friendship among nations and a healthy lifestyle.

"Olympics in the Fishing World" returns to Australia after 20 years!

On November 30th, this great event will be held in Australia for the third time, which hosted the 8th and 19th Fly Fishing Championships in 1988 and 1999 respectively.

You may have to wait another 10 years if you miss the opportunity to watch the FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship up close. Maybe you have not reached the professional level of the contestants, but it is definitely worth going to the scene to experience the fun of fly fishing!


Competition time: The 39th FIPS-Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship will last for five days. During December 2-6, 2019, the fly fishing competitions on the lake and on the river will be held at different times of the day to ensure that each event can be held at the best fishing time.


Competition location: For five days, river fishing and lake boat fishing competitions are going to be held in the five classic fly fishing rivers in Tasmania, Penstock Lagoon, Meander River, Woods Lake, Mersey River and Little Pine Lagoon. Tasmania's natural geographical location and excellent fly fishing environment will bring a first-class fly fishing event to players and spectators.


Participants: Each team consists of 5-8 members, who are the world's top fishing athletes. The participating teams come from 23 countries and regions, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kiribati, Luxembourg, Malta, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Scotland, Slovakia, South Africa , Spain, the United States and Wales.


How to watch: Experience the charm of fly fishing on the spot is definitely the best way. In addition, you can also visit the official website of the event (www.wffc2019.com), the official website of the biggest sponsor of the event iWader (www.iwaderfishing.com) and the iWader Facebook homepage (www.facebook.com/iwaderfishing/). There will be many exciting highlights from the competition to help you understand fly fishing.


Contest Sponsorship


The biggest sponsor of this event is iWader, a brand specializing in manufacturing fishing waders. After 25 years of painstaking research and development, iWader has become a well-known fishing wader brand.


This year they will sponsor fly fishing clothing for contestants and staff in 23 countries and regions. The materials used by iWader are tough and stretchable, and the design combines style and comfort. The fishing waders are waterproof and breathable and excellent in keeping warm.


It also features high cost performance. Compared with some first-line fishing wader brands, iWader has the same quality but its price is quite competitive.


Shop the 39th World Fly Fishing Official Waders at https://iwaderfishing.com


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