Brown Camo Fly Fishing Waterproof Wader Hunting Chest Waders Rubber Boots

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Whether hunting or fishing, use iWader’s signature comfort fit to increase your endurance in the field and your success rate with brown camouflage. The stretchable Fit Fabric, Far-infrared ray technology and TPU waterproof breathable material allows for the most freedom of movement of any waders. The attached boots have a unique cleat-like tread that helps on underwater slopes, steep riverbanks or swampy areas. The knees are reinforced and and the upper has one large exterior pocket. The back of the wader is very high with adjustable shoulder straps and belt. Designed to keep you warm during winter and cool during summer, they are extremely versatile.


  • Fit Fabric (Designed to Stretch to your body)
  • Far-infrared ray technology.
  • TPU waterproof breathable film
  • iWader feel (Designed for comfort)
  • Warm & Cool - (Designed to keep you warm during Winter and Autumn and cool during Summer and Spring)
  • Designed for all seasons.
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