Champion Prize Quiz

champion prize quiz
Which team will be the champion of 39th FIPS Mouche World Fly Fishing Championship Tasmania Australia 2019?

Select the last winner you believe in the Championship and get a chance to be fully refunded.

1. Place an order from or below the button. 
2. Leave your favorite team on the note of the order (One Team Only)
3. Get a full refund on one pair of waders if your favorite team win the Championship by December 08,2019


List of team:

Australia Belgium Canada
Czech Public England Finland
France Ireland Italy
Japan Kirabati Luxembourg
Malta Mongolia Nederland
New Zealand Poland Scotland
Slovakia South Africa Spain
USA Wales


Rules & Conditions:

*Campaign Date: November 21 - 30,2019
*All eligible refunds will be processed within December 12 - 15, 2019
*All rights reserved by iWader

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